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  1. I just finished my review on The Best Little Bread Book:
    Yum-don't you love to walk into a bakery? The heady scent of yeast hits our olfactory then our mouths start salivating for something our brains have already distinguished as delectable!

    That is how it was (without the smell- dang it!) when I started reading Josephine DeFalco's The Best Little Bread Book. It didn't take me long to read through the 55 page booklet. Nor did it take me long to decide I was making focaccia Bread using rosemary from my own herb garden!

    This is not just a recipe book with absolutely the best Bread recipes, but Josephine talks about HOW to mix the dough as in Bread making basics and whether to use a bread machine or hand mixing.

    I recommend this Bread baking gem to anyone who has the slightest desire to make homemade bread to those who believe they may have mastered the process. Josephine's instructions are easy to understand and baking your own bread will bring that "bakery smell" into your home!

    I won this book on Goodreads and although I was not required to write a review it was my pleasure to write one on this book. P.S. Thanks for the Bay Leaves! For more information please go to: