Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The End Of The World

It' s the end of the world.  Again.  This time The End is scheduled to occur between September 23 and September 28, 2015. As this is my first post, it could very well be my last so I'd better make it a good one!

Pardon my cynicism.  I get very confused trying to keep up with all the catastrophes in the world:  Those that could happen, those that are about to happen, and those that have happened.  And how can we drag out the suffering as long as possible?  I blame the media, so much, that recently a group of friends and I have decided  to stop watching the news and reading the local newspaper.

This came about when we noticed that all major television stations, newspapers and electronic communication venues that discovered "breaking news", told nearly the identical story.  There was no other side to the story, just the one side that they wanted the U.S. and the world to hear that day.  So those of us that still have a mind left started thinking, hmmm, mind control.  No thank you.  And let's face it, breaking news is often ugly news, so who needs more negative energy in their life?

Although precious little has been said about this End Of The World, there has been selected information released through the Internet.  I am pleasantly surprised there is some agreement on the matter as the political, secular, and spiritual communities are all stoked up about a change coming to planet Earth.

On September 23rd, the Pope will meet with President Obama, the blending of God and politics to discuss their shared values.  That definition leaves a wide margin for discussion.  Is it shared values that relate to these two men and world power or the shared values of mankind?  How will they determine what is really valuable to the world population?  Will it relate to survival of humanity? Survival of the planet? Human kindness? Human cruelty?  I want to know what secrets are really hidden within the walls of the White House and the Vatican and the minds of our great leaders.  C'mon boys, share a little.  We're part of the puzzle.

C.E.R.N.(the European Center for Nuclear Research) is also scheduled to play around with a little atom splitting close to that time and possibly open up a portal to release or send God-knows-what into the Universe.  And truly, I mean only God may know as it is the God Particle they seek.  If you are unfamiliar with C.E.R.N., you should change that status immediately.  The work they do is both amazing and frightening, and no human should be unaware of what their goals are and what they can do to the planet, aka Home Sweet Home. Additional fear surrounding their work is the possibility they could trigger multiple natural disasters if the Universe gets pissed off and doesn't want to play nice.  There goes a percentage of human life who had previously been minding their own business trying to exist in harmony and love.

The Spiritualists are convinced that this will be a time of changing consciousness, a shift from instinctive survival thinking to intuitive energetic thinking, when we can reclaim our genuine gifts and stop competing, hating, and being greedy.  That would be a nice change.  But knowing human behavior, I can't help but visualize another scenario if there are major world disasters: food shortages, unclean water, limited or no electricity, violence and hardship.  I guess all of that makes me a weak Spiritualist or just someone that is judgmental.

Alas, what to do about the end of the world?  Having never had the security of trusting my government to take care of me, I have always taken on the responsibility of taking care of my own.  This is not a bad thing.  It teaches a family independence and confidence, something all Americans should come by genetically.  After all, didn't all our ancestors hop on a boat and head out for a country where they couldn't speak the language, didn't know the customs, and were lucky to have a coin in their pocket? That took a lot of guts. So yeah, I am prepared to take care of my tribe.

I will choose to live in a place of love, not fear, and continue to surround myself with positive people, even if I may be a bit of a Jack Spiritualist.  If C.E.R.N. does open up some black hole and I get sucked into it, I will try not to wet myself, relax, and enjoy the journey. From my perspective- and Albert Einstein's- energy transforms, it doesn't die, so I may be in for a wonderful experience, sans my body, of course.

And here's hoping that our world leaders will refrain from robbing us blind, not be selfish and will know what to do, just in case we don't.  Mother Nature will forgive us our sins and not implode on us; and no matter what happens during that week, we learn something worthwhile and apply that knowledge in a positive way. I love my planet. Out of destruction comes creation.